January 2019

LDA and Empire Life Pilot Goes live with FHG

Financial Horizons Group is teaming up with Life Design Analysis (LDA) and Empire Life to launch a pilot project for our advisors in Ontario and the Western Region. This program focuses on making clients’ options more tailored and clearer for each individual.

By showing the client visual representations of their options, advisors are able to further support their recommendations and will receive free updates about clients with Empire Life products that will indicate further opportunities.

Revising Your Client Files for Compliance and New Business Opportunities

This article was generously provided by Sylvie Chartrand, Customer Service Manager, Financial Horizons Group, Quebec Region.

From the perspective of an advisor, compliance laws, rules, and standards can represent a daunting task and an administrative burden – but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, compliance can generate new opportunities. That’s a fact!

A review of your client files has three advantages: