5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Worker

5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Worker

 1. Manage your workday, work flow, and workspace:

Aim for a specific time to begin and end your work day.

 2. Deal with interruptions, limit distractions, and maintain focus:

If there are others in your household during your work day, discuss times you will be available to them. For meetings, consider posting a note on the door to remind them not to disturb you.

 3. Sharpen your formal and informal communication skills:

Agree on the methods and frequency of preferred communication with your manager and teammates.

 4. Use technology efficiently and effectively:

Practice utilizing the various technology available to you (chat, web/video conferencing, teleconferencing etiquette, etc.).

5. Personal Interactions:

It’s different working alone in your home. Proactively keep in touch with other employees by utilizing technology. Hold coffee breaks using video, start your day with teleconferences to get in sync with your team, etc.