Great Reasons to Sell Group Benefits


At Financial Horizons Group, we have a Group Benefits division renowned for its back office service. The Group Benefits Support Team has meaningful relationships with a wide range of top insurance carriers and we look forward to our continued professional relationship with you.

We believe more advisors should be aware of the great reasons to sell Group Benefits. Have you considered the following?


1. Market Potential:

There are over 1 million small businesses in Canada that have employees. 98% percent of businesses in Canada have fewer than 100 employees. Over 100,000 small businesses start up each year. Small Businesses employ 48% of Canadians in the private sector. The opportunities for growth in your group portfolio are limitless in the small business market segment.

2. Portfolio Diversification:

The marketing of group employee benefits gives you a competitive edge by exposing you to different markets and opportunities while allowing you to diversify your client portfolio.

3. Door Opener:

Group is a non-personal sale focusing on the needs of the corporation rather than the individual. It gives the prospect an opportunity to get to know you, and may be the glue that cements your business relationship.


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For further information and support for Group Benefits contact your local Business Development Manager.