The launch of APEXA

As you may have heard, an innovative new system is about to hit our industry.

The new system—APEXA—is an industry-built, cloud-based solution for life advisor contracting and compliance, available to all life insurance carriers, Managing General Agencies (MGAs), and life insurance advisors, across Canada.

Financial Horizons Group (FHG) has been heavily involved in this project for the past four years and is excited for its imminent launch.

More information about APEXA and its benefits can be found at We trust that APEXA’s advantages will be made clear to you in the coming months. For now, we’d like to answer a question we’ve been hearing frequently.


Once the APEXA system is live, what does this mean for me and my practice? 

You are in good hands.

FHG has a planned regional approach for the onboarding process.

Your local FHG branch will contact you over the next 12 months to walk you through the onboarding process. Should you require a new contract from a Carrier that you are not currently contracted with, FHG will connect with you sooner.

Over the course of the next few months we will be working closely with our Advisory Council* and will address requests in the autumn of 2017.

FHG will operate with the APEXA system and paper simultaneously for the next 24 months at a minimum.

More information will be communicated over the coming months as we work to implement APEXA in each of our 4 regions.

If you would like to begin onboarding ahead of schedule, or if you have any questions about your contracts or the APEXA system, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Contracting team via the following email:

As Robert C. Gallagher put it, “Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.” We look forward to this positive change to our industry and embrace the opportunity to work with you during the onboarding process.


*More information about the Advisory Council can be found on our website after logging into our advisor portal. A webpage for the Advisory Council can be found under the Training & Rewards menu.