Learn More About Group Benefits Back Office Support Services

In all we do, we are dedicated to going beyond the expected. A prime example in support of this mission statement is the back office support services offered by our Group Benefits team.

We would be remiss if we didn’t state at the outset that there are no fees for this support. As the advisor, you receive 100% of the commissions and are paid directly by the insurance carrier.

So what types of back office support services are offered? Consider the following examples:


Marketing comparative analysis of plan design and rates

The Group Benefits team will enable you and your clients to make the best choice between various carriers. This involves analyzing several carrier benefit plans, noting any deviations to the proposed plan design or the client’s current group plan, and comparing rates to determine the price-value ratio of each quote. Afterwards, the Group Benefits team will provide you with a marketing client meeting package.

Six month claim experience

If requested, the Group Benefits team will prepare a claim experience email six months after the issue or renewal date of the group. This email will include several items for delivery to the client: Claims Report, an Employee Benefits Performance Evaluation and an Industry Trends report.

Complete renewal analysis including pricing evaluation and negotiations

If requested, the Group Benefits team will prepare communications that help you to guide the client through the renewal process two months prior to the renewal date. Further, the Group Benefits team will perform an analysis, negotiate rates with the carrier, and obtain health and dental cost containment options for consideration. Afterwards, the Group Benefits team will provide you with a client meeting package.


For further information and support for Group Benefits, contact your local Business Development Manager, call 1.877.711.1388, or email: group@financialhorizons.com.

For full details on Group Benefits and the back office support offered by Financial Horizons Group, log-in to our website and visit the Group Benefits pages in the secure Advisor Resources area. General information on Group Benefits at FHG can also be found here.

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