The Value of Your Advice: Untapped potential that needs to be highlighted

This article was generously provided by Francis Pelletier, Business Development Manager, Financial Horizons Group, Quebec Region.


The current legislative context is raising many questions and uncertainties. Many are wondering about the future of the industry when it comes to new technologies, bills or new competition that might be exemplified by the Googles of this world.

Through all of these inevitable changes, one thing remains certain. The value of your advice in the customer’s purchasing process is now more essential than ever in order for you to stand out from the crowd. Also, the new legal requirement for Reason Why letters is completely in line with that idea (to read our article on the subject, click here).

Today’s customer certainly shops online, but doesn’t necessarily make purchases online. People like having choices and the Internet makes that quite possible. On the other hand, many clients have specific questions during the purchase process and need your personal and human advice to help them choose the best products for themselves. That’s when your advice and your expertise become indispensable and that’s the reason why you should make them the cornerstone of your service offering.

As a financial security advisor, you alone have the skills to steer consumers in the right direction. No robot advisor will ever replace you, that’s for sure! On the contrary, you must use this opportunity to stand out and position yourself. Some advisors have already modified their service offering in order to demonstrate the “added value” they bring to their clients. My colleague Véronique Caty, Business Development Consultant, has written a very interesting article on this subject: How Properly Protecting Clients Helps You Win Their Loyalty.

What added value do you bring to your clients? If you hesitated, it is high time you think about your service offering.


These days, you must absolutely be a part of your clients’ world of technology. For example, an effective and professional website, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn account, a blog or online advertising are all essential tools for today’s advisors. As you become a strategic part of your customers’ lives, they will surely think of you when the time comes to make a purchase. In short, use technology as a springboard and, especially, do not consider it as a brake or a threat!

If a client understands why he or she is making a purchase, that person will recommend your services without hesitation. Just think about your own discussions with friends. When someone you trust says, “you should go see my dentist, he’s really good!” or “my massage therapist is the best! You should call him!” do you doubt what they’re saying? The situation is no different with you as an advisor. You must bring about this result by demonstrating the quality and expertise of your services through the value of your advice.

Don’t hesitate as an advisor to show your added value to every one of your clients and you will leave behind the robot advisors and other Google types that do nothing more than simply give the client a price. Your advice and your expertise will allow you to remain both competitive and indispensable!