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A customizable suite of tools, services and support built from advisors’ ideas and discussion about their business needs.

Now it’s easier than ever for you to simplify daily business, keep your practice compliant, expand into new markets, access business and education opportunities, and take your practice digital.

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Expanding into advanced markets

Maximize your bench strength with a team of experts behind you

Large cases can be uniquely complex and require specialized attention. Our advanced market specialists can offer in-depth analysis and insight on insurance and wealth solutions to meet your clients’ growing needs.

Their mission is to create value for you and your clients by enhancing your skillset and helping you grow your business in affluent markets – giving you the confidence and ability to approach large and complex cases with the opportunity to introduce one of our experts as part of your client-facing team.

Sylvie Amar
Sylvie AmarVice-President, Product Strategy & Advanced Markets
Mélanie Turcotte
Mélanie TurcotteSales Director and Regional Wealth Specialist, Quebec Region
Bode JobiRegional Wealth Specialist, Western Region
Andrew CarterRegional Wealth Specialist, Ontario & Atlantic Region
Chris GeldertRegional Advanced Insurance Specialist, Western Region
Andrew Murray
Andrew MurrayRegional Advanced Insurance Specialist, Ontario & Atlantic Region

Safeguarding my practice

You’ve told us compliance is the area of business that keeps you up at night. Now, you can rest easy knowing you’re backed by a team of industry-leading experts who are ready to support you every step of the way.

Our safeguard compliance program includes a team of experts to work with you on:

  • Preparation: keeping you informed of regulatory changes—and translating them into clear, implementable actions.
  • Stress test: proactively safeguarding your business with compliance best practices
  • Navigating: We’re here with side-by-side support to help ease the process of facing audits or client complaints
  • Plus, education to keep you up to date with the latest guidelines and regulations

Our team of industry-leading compliance experts are here to support you through every stage of business.

Nina Kavalinas VP, National Compliance
Meghan Pearse
Meghan Pearse Regional Compliance Manager, Ontario & Atlantic Region

“I love working side-by-side with our advisors to ensure compliance within their business, helping to support them in their success within the industry.”

Devin Murphy
Devin Murphy Regional Compliance Manager, Western Region

“Supporting our advisors through compliance matters in today’s world provides me with a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Whatever the task at hand requires—consider it done.”

Victor Calixte
Victor Calixte Regional Compliance Manager, Quebec Region

“I support and coach advisors in order to help them both understand and embrace compliance.”

Paul Lee
Paul Lee TORCE & VANCE Advisor Support

“I speak with advisors who have varying business needs every day. Partnering with them to build strong, compliant practices for their businesses is truly great.”

Elevating my knowledge

Knowledge to fuel your success

A range of professional development opportunities to gain relevant industry insights, practice management solutions, and perspective on future trends.

  • Elite professional development forum
  • Regional and local specialized development events
  • Compliance education
  • Operations education and training

Any time, and from anywhere

Everything you need to do the best for your clients is a click away.
  • A customizable suite of services and support
  • Upfront, easy access to the business resources you use most.
  • A suite of resources to help you conduct business remotely.
  • Tools and guides for admin onboarding & training

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Partners through every milestone

From starting your practice to planning for your succession, we’re proud to be here every step of the way, walking with you through business challenges, identifying opportunities for growth, and recognizing your achievements.

Anthony Kimbley Vice President, Sales, West Region

"With clients facing so many challenges in today’s financial climate, it’s fundamental that our advisors have the support they need and a trusted resource. We take pride in stewarding advisors and their practices to ensure their clients are in good hands."

Alky Ndzila
Alky Ndzila Vice President, Sales, Quebec Region

"Our advisors are truly at the centre of everything we do. We listen to them, we support and empower them, and we help them achieve their definition of success! We are in a very technological age and many advisors want to learn how to make the most of technology and AI to improve their efficiency and process. I’m happy to help with that in my role! Financial Horizons Group is an ideal business partner for advisors in that respect."

John McMeans
John McMeans Vice President, Sales, Ontario-Atlantic Region
Arlene Farmer
Arlene Farmer Investment Specialist, Ottawa

“No two days are the same. I love having the opportunity to adapt to evolving needs and new situations for our advisors.”

Matt Dean
Matt Dean Sales Director, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

“My job is to be a reliable resource to advisors in every aspect of their business. The goal is to make an advisor’s life as simple as possible as their job is incredibly difficult.”

Benjamin Odamtten
Benjamin Odamtten New Business Coordinator, Toronto

“Each member of our team brings something unique to the table to support our advisors. I’m excited to be a part of the team.”

Diane Vandenborre
Diane Vandenborre Senior Advisor Service Representative, New Brunswick

“It is critical for me to reach out to all my advisors to provide continued business support and to let them know I care. Remaining personal while highlighting options and tools like our TrustedAdvice.ca have been how I have added value.”

Lindsay Elder
Lindsay Elder Sales Director, Alberta

“It’s all about partnership. I work to build strong partnerships between advisors, our team, and our carrier partners.”

Christina Tse
Christina Tse Sales Leadership, Markham

“We grow together with advisors. Though coaching advisors is a key part of my role, I learn a lot from them too!”

Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds Sales Director, British Columbia

“I work closely with our advisors to help them achieve their goals and to drive their businesses forward.”

John Biner
John Biner Director, Training & Development

“I pride myself in bringing ideas to life for the benefit of our advisors. At the end of the day, advisor success and our success are linked. I am motivated to explore training opportunities and tools that will help advisors succeed today and well into the future.”

We have offices across Canada to better understand your local perspective, unique needs, and most importantly, your definition of success.

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Branch roles: How we support you

Regional Leadership: Regional President & VP, Sales
Responsible for the regional vision and direction, sales leadership development and advisor growth.

Sales Support: Sales Director, Sales Manager, Advisor Service Representative
Responsible for partnering with advisors to help them grow their business and service their clients.

Regional Wealth Specialist
Partner with advisors to provide advanced investment solutions for their clients.

Regional Advanced Insurance Specialist
Provide advisors with advice, custom insurance recommendations, planning and support for large and complex tax and estate business.

Regional Compliance Manager
Responsible for providing compliance consult and assistance for advisor regulatory needs.

Contracting Specialist
Contracting inquiries and processing, Apexa end-to-end support, liaise with advisor and carrier to completion.

Regional Operations & Administration Manager
Responsible for branch operations leadership, ensuring aligned processes to enhance advisor experience.

Branch Office Coordinator
General inquiries, reception, mail, application forms and WealthServ password resets.

Investment Specialist
Investment new business related inquiries and processing, including inforce and transfer follow-up.

New Business Specialist - Case Manager*
New business insurance inquiries and processing, liaise with advisor and carrier throughout underwriting process.

Inforce Specialist - Insurance**
Insurance inforce policy service inquiries and processing, liaise with advisor and carrier to completion.

*new policy generated and/or compensation

**no new policy and/or compensation generated


Rewarding Excellence

Across the country, advisors like you have worked tirelessly to support clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. President’s Circle is a premier opportunity to:

  • Hear from a lineup of dynamic speakers.
  • Connect with advisors from across the country.
  • Celebrate your success with your peers.

The next President’s Circle conference will take place in April 2022 at the Four Seasons Resort, Orlando.

We’ve added more time to qualify. To find out where you stand, or to find out about the rewards you could earn, contact your local branch office.

Group Benefits business counts towards President’s Circle qualification.

What’s more, our Group Benefits Support Team provides holistic support to save you time and energy.

Contact the team at: group@financialhorizons.com

Forward together

We are determined to be the partner your business needs. To do this, we’re listening to you, enhancing our offering, and making sure we have the right people in place to move forward together.

Reach out today, we’re here to help.

Contact a local team member today.

David Stewart
David Stewart Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Chris Valardo
Chris Valardo Executive Distribution Officer
Denis Blackburn
Denis Blackburn President, Quebec Region
David Ho
David Ho President, Torce & Vance Financial Groups
Guy Papillon
Guy Papillon President, Odyssey Financial Group, and Senior Vice-President, Group and Affinity Markets

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