Committed to advisor success

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. That’s why we take the time to understand your business goals, as well as the challenges and opportunities surrounding them. Then, we bring in tailored solutions that can help you elevate and achieve your vision of success.

We focus on what’s important to you.

When you partner with us, you receive access to a fully customizable suite of services and support, specifically designed to amplify your success.

Simplifying your business

Simplifying your business

Simplify your daily business with tools, resources, and support to ease processing and operations.

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Safeguarding your practice

A team of industry-leading experts help keep your business compliant by working hand in hand with you to navigate carrier audits, assess risk and inform you of regulatory changes.
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Growth opportunities

Competitive options to help you strengthen client portfolios, meet planning goals, and achieve growth in your practice.
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Expanding into advanced markets

As an extension of your team, our experts help you identify new opportunities to grow your complex and large case business.

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Digital strategy

Tools and resources to help you stand out in the digital-first world, so that you can work with clients remotely, build your online brand, and leverage social media for networking and sales.
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Elevating your knowledge

A range of professional development opportunities help you gain relevant industry insights, practice management solutions, and new perspectives on future trends.

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Succession planning

You’ve worked hard to build a thriving business, and we’ll help you plan the best way to carry your legacy forward.
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Working and celebrating together

We’re proud to be here every step of the way, walking with you through business challenges, identifying opportunities for growth, and recognizing your achievements.

Advisor experience

We are constantly modernizing our advisor experience. We listen to our advisors, follow industry trends, and then act, by creating new programs and solutions that keep their businesses ahead of the curve. With a focus on leveraging digital technology, we help our advisors digitize key business activities, saving them time and making their lives easier.

Our team

We have 30 offices across Canada because we know how important it is to understand your local perspective, unique needs, and most importantly, your definition of success.

Our regional support teams are equipped to offer guidance and expertise in the areas of wealth, investments, insurance, compliance, contracting, sales and operations, and administration management. In addition, our Branch Office Coordinators and New Business Specialists-Case Managers are on-hand to support your daily business needs.

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